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subcontracting service in the shipbuilding industry

We Invest offers subcontracting service in the shipbuilding industry. With respect to the requirements of the clients our specialists are trained and certified by the international standards to assure the highest quality.

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Prior to the beginning of work, we investigate workplace conditions, assess the project specifics and carry out preliminary assessment through all important features.
Safety and accident prevention are assured at all stages of the project. As a result, we ensure safe and high-quality project implementation within the required standards, procedures and rules.
WE Invest ensures that teams of specialists with required competence and specialization will be on agreed time and location.

We have experience in building and repairing many types of vessels in different countries across Europe. We are aware of the importance of keeping the deadline and earned trust working with more than 50 clients

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Why it is worth hiring our subcontracting service?

Our teams know exactly how to become so demanded additional “helping hands” for your larger or specialized projects. We create customized teams for every new project with specific requirements. We will be there to help you grow.

Cost Efficiency

We are ready to relocate quickly and cost effectively with the right personnel, helping you to avoid significant expenses for hiring full-time employees, supplying them with full sets of equipment for every assignment, calculating and paying their salaries and taxes. Studies has shown that professional subcontractors can save you 20 – 30 percent than a full-time employee.


Our company has specialized and experienced staff that minimizes the risk of incompetence. Our teams have been specializing only in the shipbuilding and repair that let us to become outstanding professionals at what we do. We are proud to say that our clients recommend us as a superior quick, high-quality and efficient service provider.


We are flexible to work with either short-term or long-term projects. You will avoid complicated permanent commitments with the permanent employees. Easy hire – easy fire suits for us. We can assure minimal legal obligations.

We will help you to focus on your expertize. Increase your productivity of your core business by outsourcing specialized tasks to our specialized professionals. Cooperation in the right fields will let to finish project much faster.

Still not sure if our subcontracting services are right for you? Keep in touch with us and we will discuss with you every detail and will provide final numbers for your evaluation!